Current Community Projects

Advocacy - Supporting Girls in STEAM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

Through the Advocacy Committee, the League aims to raise awareness of the challenge of getting and keeping girls in tech and STEAM, while supporting  public policy and legislation toward this goal.

Done in a Day – Making an Immediate Impact

The League’s Done in a Day projects focus on short, intensive community activities that are typically completed in a single day or weekend. We partner with other nonprofits and community service agencies to identify projects that fit within our focus area of “developing the potential of all families by mobilizing trained volunteers.” Done in a Day events respond to short-term needs and benefit the communities in our service area.

Among the local nonprofit agencies with which we’ve partnered on Recent Done in a Day projects:

The Tech Challenge Team Mentors - Leading Girls in STEAM 

A signature program of The Tech Museum of Innovation, The Tech Challenge is an annual team design challenge for students in grades 4-12 that introduces and reinforces the science and engineering design process with a hands-on project geared to solving a real-world problem. League volunteers will mentor a team of middle school girls from the peninsula in the Challenge.

Technovation Capacity Building - Growing STEAM Programs for Girls

Technovation is a mobile app startup competition for girls ages 10-18 that challenges them to create apps for the purpose of solving real problems in their communities The League's goal is to increase the number of girls participating by building visibility in the community, recruiting local women to serve as volunteers and coaches and providing program support in the form of workshops and field trips, culminating in a Regional Pitch event.