Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established 20 years ago to provide a perpetual source of funds to support the League’s community programs and services. Since its founding, the Endowment Fund has grown to more than $3.5 million, helping to provide a stable, and growing, source of funding for the League's community programs.

Your personal gift to the Endowment Fund can help to sustain the League, ensuring that we continue to provide relevant community projects and effectively trained volunteers for years to come.

Ways to Donate

Make a Tribute Gift

Honor a special person in your life or make a memorial gift when you make a Tribute Gift to the Endowment Fund. Tribute gifts are a thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, new baby, graduation or any special occasion. They also serve as a special expression of sympathy by honoring the memory of a friend or relative. A tribute card will be sent to the person you designate.

Become a Legacy Leader

The Legacy Circle includes individuals and families who have made provision for the League’s Endowment Fund in their estate plans. You can designate the JLPA•MP Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of your estate. These types of gifts memorialize your philanthropic values and support the League’s community programming. You may include a bequest in a new will, in a codicil to an existing will or in an amendment to a present trust. A bequest may be of cash, securities, real estate or other property. The League welcomes bequests of all sizes, whether they are outright, contingent or residuary. Please review any changes to your estate plan with your attorney to ensure that your intentions are realized as you intended.

Please contact the Endowment Fund Chair to let us know if you have included the League in your estate plans.

How to Donate

Donations to the Endowment Fund can be made online, or you can mail a check, payable to the JLPA•MP Endowment Fund to the League office:

JLPA•MP Endowment Fund
Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula
555 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Investment of the Endowment Fund

The Endowment is currently managed by The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF), a highly respected, member-owned cooperative. TIFF was created in 1991 by a nationwide network of foundations dedicated to enhancing the investment returns of non-profit organizations.

The League’s Endowment is invested in TIFF’s Multi Asset Fund, which provides, in one vehicle, all of the asset classes that TIFF deems prudent for perpetual institutions to own. The Multi Asset Fund’s investment objective is to attain a growing stream of current income and appreciation of principal that at least offsets inflation, achieving a total growth rate equal to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 5%. The highly diversified nature of this fund should, in theory, decrease the volatility of the League’s investment.

The Endowment Fund Board, in conjunction with the League Board, has an investment policy for management of the Endowment Fund, a policy for the annual payout from the endowment, and a gift acceptance policy.