JLPA•MP Event Ticket Page


  1. Enter the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase. (Shuttle tickets are completely optional).
  2. Add an additional donation (optional) in the "Amount" box.
  3. Click "Purchase" to go to your cart.
  4. Verify the info in the cart (number of tickets and any donation amount) and complete your purchase.
Quantity Price Name
online sales closed $200.00

Team of 4 Ticket (Hunt & Party)

Team Ticket (4 people, scavenger hunt and party).

online sales closed $65.00

Single Ticket (Hunt & Party)

Single Ticket (1 person, scavenger hunt and party)
online sales closed $30.00

Hunt Only

Scavenger Hunt only (no party, 1 person)
online sales closed $60.00

Party Only

Party Only (1 person)
online sales closed $10.00

Party Only - Kid's Ticket

Party only admission for 1 child, aged 5 and up (kids under 5 are free).

Donate or Sponsor a Clue

FLASHDASH is a fundraiser supporting the programs and intiatives of the JLPA•MP. Clue sponsorships start at $250 and are available through April 25, 2018. (More information on our Sponsor page or email us).