As most of today’s corporate leaders know, social responsibility—and sustainability—are good business, whether you’re in search of favorability with existing customers, new prospects, regulatory agencies or in relationships with other businesses. This holds true for a partnership with the Junior League, which boasts more than a century of volunteering and leadership to improve our local communities around the world.

As we have throughout our 112-plus year history, we welcome inquiries from corporations, foundations, entrepreneurs and other institutions whose values align with our mission and who wish to collaborate with one of the world’s premier organizations of women leaders.

Opportunities for partnership may take a variety of forms including:

  • Sponsorships for educational conferences, training workshops and major technology initiatives,
  • Grants to support our current community projects or Done in a Day initiatives,
  • Event underwriting to help defray the overhead cost of fundraising events, or
  • In-kind donations of products, services, or equipment to support the League’s administrative office or our community projects.

Contact our Fundraising Team for more information on partnering with the JLPA•MP.