Focus Area

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.
What is the JLPA•MP’s Community Focus Area?
The JLPA•MP’s new strategies will focus on “Empowering girls to be the STEAM leaders of tomorrow.” The JLPA•MP is investing in our next generation of female STEAM leaders by partnering with local and national nonprofits on projects for direct service, capacity building, strategic grant making, coalition building and advocacy. This new area of focus will last five years and is part of a systematic effort to create a streamlined, issue based approach to community projects, partnerships and volunteer activities that aims to make measurable and long lasting change in the community. Partnerships include Project READ Redwood City and The Tech Museum of Innovation.

Community Project: What is Project STEAM? 
Project STEAM is a program under Project READ Redwood City providing thought-provoking STEAM activities in a workshop setting togirls and their families. As girls practice building, mixing and thinking about different materials and components in a fun, low-pressure environment, confidence about their STEAM related abilities goes up. 

What role will the JLPA•MP play in supporting Project STEAM's programs? 
League volunteers guide learners through the activities and help them develop a sense of fascination and excitement about STEAM concepts.

Community Project: What is the Tech Challenge?
A signature program of The Tech Museum of Innovation, The Tech Challenge is an annual team design challenge for students in grades 4-12 that introduces and reinforces the science and engineering design process with a hands-on project geared to solving a real-world problem.

What role will the JLPA•MP play in supporting the Tech Challenge?
League volunteers will mentor a team of middle school girls from the peninsula in the annual Challenge.

What other ways will the JLPA•MP be supporting the Tech Museum of Innovation?
The JLPA•MP will be collaborating with The Tech in a number of ways over the next several years, including a joint effort to establish “Girls Day @ The Tech”. This new program scheduled for three separate days in 2015-2016 is aimed at engaging girls through STEAM education and educating teachers to support them. Girls will participate in hands-on workshops, interact with exhibits and hear from inspiring women working in tech today. Earlier this year, the JLPA•MP granted The Tech $100,000 in celebration of our 50th anniversary. Two League members also sit on the newly established Girls Day @ The Tech Committee.