Proposed Governance and Management Structure




[Last updated 12/20/19]


What are we considering?

Separating the governance and management functions of the Board of Directors into 2 distinct, yet connected teams:

  • A governance board focused on long-term, strategic planning and ensuring community impact
  • A management team implementing the strategic plan and focused on linking member development, community impact and operational excellence


Why are we considering this change?

Through more than 10 years of research, AJLI discovered the #1 reported factor in membership satisfaction is a well-run League. Accordingly, they began to search for ways to help Leagues operate more efficiently, and the result was a separated system of governance and management.

  • This structure allows the governance board to focus on governance, driving our vision and community impact.
  • The management team would focus on implementation, with the added benefit of more flexibility to structure their teams to best fit their goals based on capacity. This structure would break down the silos between and within councils.

All other Bay Area Junior Leagues and most California Junior Leagues have adopted this governance and management structure.



2019-2020 (This League Year) 2020-2021 2021-2022
  • Governance Task Force appointed
  • Task Force completed AJLI training on new structure and evaluated its benefits for our League
  • Task Force is educating members through Neighborhood Meetings, focus groups, council meetings, GMM presentations and this web page
  • Task Force presented a recommendation to the Board of Directors at a recent meeting
  • Task Force is currently working with the Board and League attorneys to review and finalize proposed Bylaws changes to implement the new structure
  • Voting members (Actives and Actives Plus) will vote on the Bylaws changes at the January GMM meeting
  • Nominating will slate positions for the new structure (to serve in 2021-2022)
  • New structure will be in place


January 25 Vote

Please join us at the January 25 General Membership Meeting at La Honda Winery in Redwood City from 10:30 AM to 1 PM (RSVP here by January 21). Active and Active Plus members will vote in person at the meeting on this change.



Reach out to Board Member-At-Large LaShonda Kennedy with any questions.


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